jerry delaney:
looking for some training Uncle Dan:
Niace play, Adam...but I gotta tell you, in your dad's prime he would've had that rooster on the first cluck...never seen anyone quicker. Jeff Jewell:
Rick, We shouild have hunted together as well as raced. Tom:
Thanks  for a great site!! Dogs of the past!! Leo:
Great site loved the photos of the older dogs Lance Wynn:
Hey, I saw your picture that Les posted on, and I thought I'd post on her how awesome it looks!  An amazing shot!  I see Les made it into a theme for you too.  Awesome! Les Wynn:
Site's looking awesome!  Keep it up, Dog's of the Past will be great! Post Not Active Brian:
Just looking Post Not Active Paul Burbey:
You have what I am looking for. Later, but you will hear from me. BOB WINN:
Pups look good.  Can't wait to put her in the field. Mike Bowers:
Formerly from Woods Cross, now in North Dakota. I used to hunt chukars near Herriman. Now I hunt pheasants in Nodak Steve Klein:
Just looking for a new male pup. Looks like you got some nice dogs. Leon Lennemann:
I have owned shorthairs for 30 plus years and just searching the web to find a male to breed my female mistys fancy arrowhead john stultz:
Andrew Daren-Joe Fink:
Post Not Active Julia Heidbrink:
Nice looking dogs! See ya online! Post Not Active Jacob Hudlebusch:
Hi I have sent you an email regarding Moesgaards Ib and the bloodlines. I Come from Denmark and mi Wife is the great grandaugther of the Breeder of Moesgaards Ib. I would like to know more about the bloodlines in US of the Moesgaards dogs
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