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The provided links hold info and the pedigree's on most dogs. All links contain pedigree's for the mentioned shorthair.

(The name's are in random order, please scroll down to see if the dog you are looking for is listed. If you have a pedigree request, please send me an e-mail at, and I will see what I can do to help.)

FC AFC HoF #1 FC Sire Dixieland's Rusty

3xNFC FC #2 FC Sire HoF Rawhides Clown

FC HoF #3 FC Sire Uodibar's Boss Man

FC HoF Checkmate's Dandy Dude

FC HoF Windy Hill Prince James

FC HoF Tip Top Timmy

NFC Uodibar's Rachel

FC AFC 1980 NAFC HoF PJ Wildfire

FC AFC NFC Uodibar's Mouse

FC HoF Sundance Gypsy Lee

FC Quail Ridge Sundance Rusty

DC Voglein's Billy Of Sundnace

FC Tip Top Savage Sam

DC HoF Tip Top Timber

DC NFC Checkmate's Challenger

FC HoF Checkmate's Dude's Big Foot

FC KJ's Hightailing Saddle

HoF Esser's Chick

DC KS HoF Ybold Rothenuffeln

FC AFC NAFC HoF Beier's Evolution

FC NFC HoF Blick Von Shinback

DC HoF Erick von Enzstrand

DC HoF Hillhaven's Hustler

VC Jacob VD Westwind

FC AFC Radbach's Sabation v Greif

FC Rosehills Bilbo Baggins

DC HoF Erlicher Abe

NFC Frulord's Tim

FC AFC Timberlane's Grit's Gus

NFC FC HoF Uodibar's Koonas

Int. FC Moesgaard's IB

FC HoF Tell

NFC DC HoF Moesgaard's Dandy

FC Moesgaards Ruffy

FC Fieldacres IB

FC AFC 1967 NAFC HoF Moesgaards Coco

FC AFC Moesgaard's Jigs

FC HoF Jigs White Smoke

Leighton's Ace Mona

FC AFC HoF Ammertals Lancer D

FC HoF Von Thalberg's Fritz II

NFC HoF Rip Traf V. Bess

WS Ciro V. Bichtewald (German)

DC HoF Rusty V. Schwarenberg

KS Pol V. Blitzdorf

DC NFC HoF Kay v.d. Wildburg

KS Vito VD Radbach

FC HoF Greif V. Hundscheimerkogel

HoF Big Island Junker

NFC Ammertal's Boss Ranger

DC NFC Desert Dutch

DC Timberdoodle Lancers Answer

CH Fritz v Schwarenberg

KS FC Sepp v Grabenbruch

Nanny v Luckseck

FC Burr Oaks Hoosier Buddy

FC AFC Checkmates Moriah

Senta v Hohenbruck

John Neuforsthaus

Int. DC Adam

FC AFC Sundance's Hearts Are Wild

FC AFC Rusty's Blue Earth Rexx

2x NC NFC FC HoF Sanjo Sin City Slicker

FC NGSPA CH 2x NGSPA Top Futurity Producing Dam HoF Heide Ho-Pinehurst

FC AFC NGPD CH 2xNSDC NASD CH Bluemax Spitfire v Grief

5x NC NFC NGSPA CH NGPD CH NGPC CH HoF Heide's Mighty City Slicker

NC NSDC FC BMK'S Strike The Gold

FC Wingfield's Range Rover