NFC DC HoF Moesgaard's Dandy


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Dandy was owned by Dr. Lewis Kline and was Moesgaard's IB's first big winners in America! Dandy became the gem of Moesgaard's Kennels. Dandy was a solidly built dog attractive ticking, a liver head and a large liver patch across his shoulders. Whelped in 1957 out of FC\Doktorgaarden's Lucky (a danish import) and sired by Moesgaard's IB; also the grandsire on his mother's side.Dandy earned his field championship in 1961 and his show title in 1964. Dandy gained a big reputation by winning the 1962 GSPCA National Championship. He sired 2 duals, 16 field champions, and 4 show champions. Both Dandy and his sire Moesgaard's IB are in the GSPCA Hall Of Fame.